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Hello Team Fun Times!

SO, I fell off a stage. Or stumbled off a stage to be more precise. I was at a very fun speakeasy and the atmosphere became so cloudy (with me?) that I literally could not see my step and hence!! messed up ankle. AGAIN!

You see, Internet People, I am no stranger to the ankle sprain! I’ve lost count how times I’ve R.I.C.E’ed by foot, I have a bag of frozen corn in my freezer specifically for my feet- and own a tensor bandage in every color. The problem of course, is as a stand up- I can’t do a lot of standing right now. And- that makes me crazy (er). I predict that things will be getting Rear Window up in here very soon! UGH!

Now for the yay!

My cat and true love Franklin turned 17 today. We’ve been together for almost 2 decades and our love is stronger than ever!! ROMANCE!!!

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